Commercial Drain Cleaner

Commercial Drain Cleaner

As commercial drain cleaning experts, we can provide services at many business premises to help maintain and unblock drains.

Maintaining Commercial Drains

Maintaining Commercial Drains

If you think you may have a problem with drain blockages, feel free to get in touch with us and we'll do our best to resolve the issue for you.

Commercial Drain Cleaner

Commercial drains often see large amounts of intensive use, which on many occasions leads to clogging.  Clogging of drains in commercial buildings is not unusual especially in catering facilities such as restaurant and hotel kitchens due to the heavy use of fatty oils and grease that have the properties of liquids that are well known to form areas of build-up.

That’s why our many commercial drain cleaner options should be considered when dealing with the issue of- drain blockages within commercial locations such as using cleaning chemicals and professional hydro-jetting equipment on a regular basis so that maintenance is kept up to date and build up within the drainage system is kept to a minimum!


Any business owner will agree that regular maintenance of drains with the aim to prevent buildup is a much more cost-effective method than having to deal with the unpleasant job and large amount of money involved in fixing a completely blocked drainage system.  Regular cleaning is easy and can be a job that is achieved by employers within the commercial business in question.  However, there are companies that specialise in drain services who may be better equipped to lend a hand. Contact our team today and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Commercial Drain Unblocker

Blocked drains could bring commercial businesses in to a halt in trade and therefore the chosen drain cleaner must demonstrate a fast and effective process that will show results as soon as possible.  Sewage unblockers can be kept on hand, in case of emergency, and can be used on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of nuisance debris within the drains. We also offer services for domestic drain problems - if you need more information about this.

A method of cleaning drains that is often very hassle free and fast acting is one which is based on a chemical cleaning solution in the form of a liquid.  They are industrial strength drain unblockers that can be purchased online- or from the local DIY store, yet are more suited to the usually minor, early forming blockages. 

Some liquid cleaners are developed to suit blockages of certain types such as grease and fat, hair, or toilet waste, so it is recommended that for guaranteed fast action the most suitable commercial drain unblocker must be researched and purchased.

Maintenance of Commercial Drains

As drainage experts we ensure that your premise is completely maintained and that you are never left closing your business due to drain blockages or repairs- in fact, some properties such as hotels and restaurants will have a licence associated with pollution control that will require the facility to maintain their drains on a regular basis. 

The licence may state that a fine will be placed upon the facility if they do not comply with this, especially if any pollution or subsidence appears because of this.  In worst case scenarios, not complying with regular maintenance requirements may lead to the loss of the organisation's licence whereby trading will be stopped.

Effective maintenance can be looked at in three separate steps; drain cleaning, drain testing and drain rehabilitation.  These are core elements of any drainage maintenance process.  Many commercial regulations require drains to be professionally cleaned at least once every three years. The amount that is recommended can also vary due to the location and the local weather and environmental conditions.

drain maintenance experts


Drain jetting is an economical and environmentally safe option available to businesses that are looking to clean their drains.  It is also the most common method and is very effective at removing stubborn oils, hair and mineral build up as well as bacteria that will often lead to bad odours.

Commercial Drainage Services in

Commercial drainage services are worth seeking for any business that does not have a secure maintenance plan in place. These services consist of maintenance plans carried out by fully trained teams with the necessary expertise and equipment for businesses of all sizes. Get in touch to find out more about our commercial drain cleaner services. You can also visit this page - to learn more about our emergency drain unblocking services.

Interestingly, many businesses rely on old Victorian drainage systems that are in fact the most common drains that require maintenance, so it is important that all businesses are aware, or employ an outside company that is aware, what type of drains are supporting the business.  If knowledge is lacking, then it is inevitable that issues will arise and the whole business will be a ticking time bomb. 

"I'd definitely recommend this company as they are very knowledgeable and resolved our blocked drains in no time."

Enlisting the help of a company that offers commercial drainage services is worth investing in as commercial drain maintenance which is carried out by industry professionals that have been trained to the highest standards, and bring on board lots of experience, will ensure that the businesses drainage system will remain operational for years to come.  

Professional Drain Survey Company

As mentioned earlier, there are many companies that specialise in offering professional services to maintain the drains up to standard. Not only will companies ensure that the cleaning is done thoroughly but they will also provide testing and surveys that are an essential part of drain maintenance.  Surveys are used to identify any issues within a drainage system that might arise and develop into a more serious problem which will inevitably cost the commercial business a hefty price.

The professional drain survey companies will have several methods to use to test the drains to their best ability. These include:

  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Air pressure testing
  • Surveys using CCTV

Surveys should be carried out regularly, especially if the commercial business believes that the drainage system has encountered intensive use in recent months.

Any defects that are highlighted during the surveys can be repaired and thus prevent the serious problem from arising. This element of the maintenance process is referred to as rehabilitation and may mean full relining of pipes or patch repairs, depending on the damage that is discovered.  Full relining has minimal disturbance and requires inserting a new pipe within the current one without the need to dig any new holes or pipelines. 


If a pipe is fractured then patch repairs will use a piece of fabric which is impregnated with a type of resin fed into the pipe, inflated upon contact and held there till it is set in place.  CCTV camera is used at this point to ensure that the positioning and setting are exact.

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